​​​katherine Kirshon davis

​​​​​​​​​I was fortunate to be born into an amazingly artistic family...from my wonderfully talented Aunt, Marjorie Low, who is reputed to be the "oldest working Artist on the Planet", to my Uncle, Rand Holub, who was a renowned calligrapher and designed the Bloomingdales "B" logo.   My parents, both writers, my brother, an author, as well as my children, who are artists and musicians.


It is there, that I have gathered my inspiration and desire to create...I am grateful to be part of this gifted family, and to have the freedom to continue to learn and grow in this endeavor.

My appreciation for the arts began at an early age when my parents would take me with them to Pennsylvania to visit their friend Sterling Strauser, an abstract expressionist.   They had fallen in love with his work and had become avid collectors.  I was enthralled with his studio, the smells... the endless array of artists' materials...it was magical.

I grew up in a house chock full of original art.  My parents were always on the hunt for pieces to add to their collection.  Today, a few of these pieces hang in my home...some of which are my most treasured possessions.

In college, my studies were focused on painting (mainly watercolor) and design, which gave me the foundation I would need for the years to follow.  From designing hand painted pottery and lamps, to bed linens and decorative pillows as well as Interior Design,  I turned my design skills into a full time career. 

My love for working in watercolors has never diminished...combining them with India Inks (and often incorporating  pencil and metallics) has become my preferred medium. 

Member: Kansas City Artists Coalition

       Naples Art Association